Community Loan Fund staff

Manufactured homes could ease the housing crisis. why aren’t they?

By Community Loan Fund staff

Systemic barriers are blocking the growth of manufactured homes as an affordable housing solution. more

Kathi Paradis

Grim residential mortgage news? Not here!

By Kathi Paradis

Manufactured homes are a bright spot amid this fall's gloomy mortgage numbers. more

Sandra Lussier

Third time is a charm

By Sandra Lussier

Krystal and Justin Davidson were determined to move their family out of an apartment and into their own home. It took knowledge, hard work, discipline, and faith. more

Kathi Paradis

Owning your home is meaningful in so many ways

By Kathi Paradis

Home is where we raise families, celebrate holidays, share fellowship, and, in these days of remote or hybrid work, earn our livings. more