Veterans First project winds down

By News

Near the end of 2020, with a formerly homeless veteran buying the last home, the Veterans First project  in Rock Rimmon Cooperative in Danville will come to a successful end.

John Hamilton

CDFIs: Bridging over the economy’s troubled waters

By John Hamilton

This is not the time to search for shiny new ideas. Now is the time to invest in what works: CDFIs are already filling capital gaps in underserved communities for workers with low-incomes, people of color, and immigrants.

Kathi Paradis

Shopping online means convenience--and risk

By Kathi Paradis

We live electronically now. Our banking is online. Our friends and family know from our social media posts what we are doing on vacation. When we’re job-hunting, we start the process with an online application. more
Jennifer Hopkins

A house isn't a car, so why depreciate it like one?

By Jennifer Hopkins

Finance guru Dave Ramsey is wrong about the value of modern manufactured homes. more