John Hamilton

CDFIs: Bridging over the economy’s troubled waters

By John Hamilton

This is not the time to search for shiny new ideas. Now is the time to invest in what works: CDFIs are already filling capital gaps in underserved communities for workers with low-incomes, people of color, and immigrants.

Charlene Andersen

12 reasons to Eat Local

By Charlene Andersen

Why Eat Local? Here are 12 good reasons. more
Charlene Andersen

Website connecting farmers and consumers

By Charlene Andersen

Finding locally grown food has gotten a little easier because of an online marketplace that allows food buyers to search for local farms and markets, and even have products delivered. more

New partnership expands business education to NH farms and fisheries

By News

Farm Credit East has provided a grant to the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund to help the Granite State’s small farms and commercial fishing businesses strengthen their business practices. “Farm Credit East is looking forward to working with the Community Loan Fund to help more farm and food businesses get started and succeed,” said Henry Huntington, Farm Credit East director, from Loudon, N.H. more