Chris Bourcier

Free help takes the stress out of tax preparation

By Chris Bourcier

April is right around the corner. more
Jeremy Corwin

Are you trading your personal data for convenience?

By Jeremy Corwin

Most of us know, or at least suspect, that just about everything we do in our connected world is traced, logged, stored, aggregated, and sold off to pretty much any private company prepared to purchase it, generally under the guise of using the data for marketing purposes. more
Pamela MacDonald

Where your rent money goes

By Pamela MacDonald

Whether you live in a for-profit mobile home park or a not-for-profit resident-owned community (ROC), you should know how your rent payments are being spent. more
Kelli Cicirelli

Seniors: Be skeptical and stay safe from scammers

By Kelli Cicirelli

Don’t answer your phone. That was the most surprising advice provided by Sunny Mulligan of the NH attorney general’s office at a recent discussion of how elders can avoid scams. more