Thinking about your spring cleaning projects?

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Plan, shop first and share for a more-cleansing spring cleaning experience.

Is spring finally here? It sure is starting to feel that way! Last week, the last full week in February, the sun shone, snow melted, and some parts of New Hampshire nearly reached 70 degrees.

Of course it’s too early to say whether or not the warmth is here to stay, but it’s hard to not be excited about it. And if you’re like me, it’s hard to not think about spring cleaning.

Everyone has their own way of approaching spring cleaning, and unless you make things messier than they already are, there is really no wrong way to do it. That said, there are certainly some methods that are more effective than others.

Here are some I find helpful.

Plan: Identify what you want to accomplish (clean windows, clean appliances, clean out your closet, etc.) and determine what supplies you’ll need to accomplish each goal. Maybe you need a special disinfectant, or bags for the vacuum. Make that list.

Shop before you work: Before you begin cleaning, get all the supplies you need. Running to the store when you’re in the middle of a project slows your momentum. (Insider tip: A simple vinegar solution is just as effective and much cheaper than most fancy cleaning products. Here are some other ideas for homemade cleaners.)

Share equipment: If you’re considering renting equipment, first talk to your neighbors and see if they would also use it. You could split the cost and save money.

Go beyond the surface: Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to go beyond surface cleaning. Throw open the windows to keep the air moving, and vacuum and dust under everything you can move. Take cushions off chairs and couches and clean under them, then take the cushions outside and shake them out. It can be a dusty process, but it’s well worth it.

One fell swoop: Whatever your spring cleaning plans, try to get them done in one fell swoop. Take a whole weekend (or two consecutive weekends) and do it all. There’s nothing worse than stretching spring cleaning on for weeks. It can feel like the work will never be done, and spring cleaning should feel good and cleansing. So plan to finish what you start, and bask in your accomplishment.

Remember: Spring cleaning inside and out takes time, but is extremely rewarding. Plus, once you’re done, you’ll have plenty to show off to your neighbors!

By ROC-NH™staff

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