Mathew Solso

Bring the heat! Get a warm feeling by donating to help others

By Mathew Solso

Did you know that the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund helped provide drinking water for a community that didn’t have it before?

"I connect donors to local opportunities that interest them."

Man holding up a signThis was my Unselfie for #GivingTuesday, and it's one of the ideals I love most about my job and the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund.

I raise the money that pays for the high-quality education, training and technical assistance that help our borrowers succeed. It's hard and rewarding work, but the most satisfying part is when I hear from a supporter, "The Community Loan Fund does so much good."

I have only been here just over seven months, and I am continually surprised at the breadth and reach of the projects the Community Loan Fund assists.

  • Did you know that we helped provide drinking water for a community of 26 families that didn't have it before?
  • That we are shortening and bridging the gap between farms and dinner tables through our Farm Food Initiative?
  • That we helped an entrepreneur take metal-working scraps and lubricant waste, recycle them, and make a viable business from it, saving money and the environment?

These are the types of local opportunities that fascinate me, and that I love to tell our supporters about. Take a gander at our stories, and I'll be surprised if you don't find one that you wish you'd have been a part of. When you do, give me a call and we can work together to help our borrowers achieve their goals.

Who knows? The warm and fuzzies you get from helping others might heat you up after all of this snow.

Mat Solso is Donor Relations Manager for the Community Loan Fund.