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For a harmonious community, obey and enforce the rules

By ROC-NH staff

In a harmonious housing community, residents obey the rules and the board enforces them.

ROC-NH™staff often get calls from residents complaining about the lack of rule enforcement in their park. There are two sides to this issue, and we have two sets of suggestions at the ready:

Residents: Follow the rules

Our society expects people to follow speed limits, not steal other people's property, and not assault others. Being caught breaking a law means you might pay a fine, go to jail, or perform some kind of restitution. Hopefully you learn from the consequences.

Two men, seated, at cooperative meetingLiving in a co-op is no different. Lot rent is due every month. Pay on time.

Other rules are meant to create a healthy and peaceful community. Follow them.

If you choose not to follow them, there are consequences, as in society.

Do your part. Follow the rules.

Board/committee members: Enforce the rules

It is challenging to hold members accountable, especially when they are your friends, family and neighbors. You know they mean well, so you let things slide.


You have been elected to run the cooperative, which is a business that requires being on top of many things, including financials, infrastructure, and rules. Rules enforcement is about being fair to and consistent with all members, and upholding the laws the members created.

If it's hard for you to send a rule violation letter or eviction notice, bring a neutral party onto the committee or use your management company. Consistency is the key.

By the authority of your election to the board or appointment to a committee, you not only have permission, but the obligation, to enforce the rules. So do it.

Everyone wants a peaceful place to live. It takes everyone's cooperation to make it happen.

By ROC-NH™staff

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