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Cooperatives in NH and across the world--unite!

This past fall I wrote about co-ops thriving in New Hampshire, and promised to provide more information to connect ROC co-ops with others around the region.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with some folks from Cooperatives for a Better World and was super-excited to explore their website, learn more about the cooperative model, and see the cool things available in their store.

Even better, Senior Marketing and Research Coordinator Erika Davis offered the terrific guest blog below, filled with links and resources for our Community Loan Fund and ROC-NH readers. Now, that’s cooperation. Thanks, Erika!

By Erika Davis

Looking to celebrate your resident-owned community (ROC)? That’s what we’re all about!

We are Cooperatives for a Better World; our organization exists to unite the many cooperative businesses around the world to strengthen our positive impact.

By empowering global communities with ownership and voice in the organizations that shape their lives, the cooperative business model is a mode of sustainable job and wealth creation in today's society. Our organization seeks to share this story with the world.

Looking to visit other cooperatives and build connections for your ROC? Find co-ops in your area with our Co-op Locator Tool. On the outside, co-ops look like any other business. But on the inside, co-ops always benefit their members—the people at the heart of the organization—never outside shareholders.

Cooperatives are everywhere! Ace Hardware and Carpet One are both purchasing co-ops, owned and controlled by the local, independent, business owners. Credit unions and food co-ops are owned by, and operated for the benefit of, their customers. Even utility companies can be co-ops! Lastly, farmer co-ops are everywhere; here in New England, dairy farmers collectively own Cabot Creamery Co-op—world famous for their cheddar cheese!

"The cooperative business model is a mode of sustainable job and wealth creation in today's society."

Seek out co-op brands and strive to buy their products and services when they are the right fit for you.

Looking for a unique way to share the cooperative message? Look no further than the online Co-op Shop! The Co-op Shop is everyone’s store. Find apparel, promotional items, and more, that celebrate the cooperative business model.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for your ROC, we have customizable products and designs to help tell your unique story. With standard and customizable merchandise, you’ll be able to connect your home to the greater co-op movement and share your story with everyone.

It might not seem like you’ll have much of an influence if you share one story with your networks. But, imagine the impact if we each shared just one story with our circle of connections. Together, we can make a difference.

Visit our website to learn more.

Kelli Cicirelli is a ROC-NH™ Senior Organizational Trainer.

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