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Kelli Cicirelli

Introducing ROC-2-ROC

By Kelli Cicirelli

A group of can-do leaders in NH's resident-owned communities have formed an association to forge relationships and connections with other ROCs across the state.

There’s an old adage that says, “If you want something done, ask the busiest person you know.”

People in leadership positions anywhere understand this. Busy people are often the movers, the do-ers, the motivated people who make progress and build relationships.

They get things done.


Last fall, a group of co-op leaders met to plan a new initiative: An association of New Hampshire's resident-owned communitity leaders committed to forging relationships and connections with other ROCs in NH, bringing knowledge and expertise to other communities, strengthening ties among ROCs, and problem-solving the issues that their communities face every day.

From their work, the ROC-2-ROC Association was recently formed. Using the group’s leadership skills and understanding of how co-ops need to engage members in their communities, they discussed how the Association could best address the needs of ROCs throughout New Hampshire.

The founding OC-2_ROC leaders: Linda Frost, Chris Ward, Mark Raynes, Kim Capen, Pam Rothgaber, Cat Pragoff, Robin Cutter, Faith Ward.
From left, back row, Linda Frost, Chris Ward, Mark Raynes, Kim Capen. Front row, Pam Rothgaber, Cat Pragoff, Robin Cutter, Faith Ward.

In January, they conducted surveys with co-op residents that asked that very question. Then, based on what they’d learned, the ROC-2-ROC founders identified some short- and longer-term goals that include engaging co-op members through connection, advocacy, problem-solving, and resource-sharing.

Most recently, ROC-2-ROC members have testified at the State House in opposition to NH Senate Bill 210, which, as originally written would have threatened the ability of manufactured-home-park residents to organize and become resident-owned communities. ROC-2-ROC members are also leading the charge to revive MOTA, the Manufactured Home Owner Tenant Association in NH, to ensure that manufactured-home owners, whether they live in a ROC or an investor-owned community, have a place to advocate for their rights.

Despite being some of the busiest, hardest-working, leaders in their own co-ops, ROC-2-ROC Association members recognize the power of amplifying their voices for the benefit of not only their neighborhoods and communities, but others in NH. Current members are Kim Capen, Medvil Co-op; Pam Rothgaber, Friendship Drive Co-op; Cat Pragoff, Medvil Co-op; Faith and Chris Ward, Running Brook Co-op; Robin Cutter, Fisherville 82 Co-op; and Linda Frost, Cochecho River Co-op.

You’ll hear more from the ROC-2-ROC Association as it promotes other initiatives to connect, share, and provide learning opportunities to strengthen communities. Stay tuned! If you’re interested in becoming a member of ROC-2-ROC, send a message to Aron DiBacco, and please include a short note about your current co-op leadership role, and why you would like to join.

Kelli Cicirelli is Director of ROC-NH.

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