Ken Kunhardt

CDFIs are attracting impact investors

By Ken Kunhardt

A recent article on the Locavesting site can help impact investors understand why CDFIs like the N.H. Community Loan Fund are good options.

I ran across an article the other day on the Locavesting Web site that I thought was fantastic for helping folks understand what the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund and other organizations like us do.

Demystifying CDFIs: How to invest in a Loan Fund discussed the work that we and about 1,000 other community development financial institutions (CDFIs) do across the in the United States, and why investors are becoming attracted to that work.

I want to clarify one area of the article where it started that CDFIs lend specifically to local businesses. We (and many other CDFIs) do lend to businesses to create jobs, but we do much more than that. Our loans and technical assistance help create and preserve affordable housing and child care spaces. We also lend to nonprofits to help improve their facilities and vital community services.

The N.H. Community Loan Fund was one of the first CDFIs in the country and was a pioneer in helping to shape the industry. We have a 32-year record of providing critical capital to help people with low incomes participate more fully in the economy.

We have 576 individual and institutional investors and a 100% repayment rate to investors that have requested their principal back at maturity. The minimum investment is $1,000, and investors can choose a return of up to 5% based on the term they choose.

I hope this article helps you understand us better and that you'll consider us on your impact investing journey. You should know that we have been rated by AERIS since 2002.

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Ken Kunhardt is the Director of Investor Relations.