Steve Varnum

Top 10 reasons to make a year-end gift to the NH Community Loan Fund

By Steve Varnum

#1: Opportunity. For all. It's what we believe in. It's what we do.

We made a list, even checked it twice, and came up with 10 solid reasons to donate to the NH Community Loan Fund.

10. More healthy food. Your support will help provide loans and business training for local farms, fisheries and food producers.

9. More jobs. Growing businesses create jobs, so when business owners bring the growth plan, we bring the financing and expertise they need.

8. Perpetual motion. Gifts to our permanent lending fund keep on giving. They're permanently recycled through loans to deserving people, projects and businesses.

7. Leadership. We train homeowners to become leaders in their communities—and beyond. Ninety-three percent of ROC-NH's Community Leadership graduates said, "I have the skills and knowledge to resolve conflict." Only 39% said that before the training.

6. Efficiency. 100% of your annual appeal donation will provide the education, training and technical assistance our borrowers need to succeed.

5. Stronger communities. Our facilities loans help strengthen vital nonprofit community services, including child care.

4. Affordable homes. N.H.’s resident-owned manufactured-home communities contain nearly 6,900 permanently affordable homes.

3. Warm and fuzzies. Knowing what your donation accomplishes will warm your heart. (Your feet are on their own.)

2. Impact. The impact of your support will be felt in every county across the state.

1. Opportunity. For all. It’s what we believe, it’s what we do. Every day. And we and our borrowers can’t do it without you.

Steve Varnum is Director of Communications and Marketing for the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund.