Chris Clasby

April showers bring ... stormwater runoff

By Chris Clasby

Stormwater runoff can cause structural and environmental problems, but there are low-cost solutions.


Water pooling on a rainy day

Stormwater runoff—rain and melting snow that flows onto lawns from pavements and rooftops—often creates erosion, flooding, and winter icing problems for resident-owned communities and the homeowners living in them.

That water running through your lot or into, and perhaps out of, your community can also create environmental problems when it carries pollutants and excessive nutrients to our streams, ponds, and lakes; puddles roads; saturates leach fields; or undermines the foundation slabs or piers of manufactured homes.

If channeling runoff away from our lots and communities isn’t the answer, what is?

There are relatively easy, low-cost, alternatives to help avoid those problems, while retaining as much water as possible for gardening and replenishing aquifers.

New Hampshire’s Dept. of Environmental Services (DES) has a website, Soak Up The Rain New Hampshire, that offers great ideas for solving runoff problems on your lot, or in your community. The site also contains a Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater Management.

I’m installing infiltration trenches along my driveway in hopes of keeping it from becoming a sheet of ice next winter. Check out the DES website, and see what solutions might work for you.

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