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Co-op operations managers: Help is on the way

By ROC-NH staff

If you're feeling challenged by your resident-owned community's maintenance plan, ROC-NH's Operations Boot Camp is the place to be.

If you’re involved with your resident-owned community’s maintenance, ROC-NH's Operations Boot Camp is the training for you.

An operations manager of a resident-owned community recently asked us what to do when the records of which septic tanks were pumped last year couldn't be found.

He was new on the job and, evidently, the previous operations manager had moved without leaving any records or information behind. When the new manager asked the co-op's board of directors for help, he was told, "Are you kidding me? We don't have those records. We have no place to keep them."

Man working on a cooperative's water systemSound familiar? Many co-ops have been there at one time or another.

Here's another common scene. The co-op board schedules a community cleanup day. Every household knows about it, but no one signs up or shows up to help.

And it's a rare board that hasn't solicited bids for work, only to find out the bids it received didn't address the same work, or even left important information out altogether.

Maintaining records, attracting volunteers, knowing what a scope of work is and how to create one ... these are just a few of the tasks and responsibilities that go into successful maintenance planning. Yet, issues like the ones above are so common that the ROC-NH™ team has created a free, one-day, Operations Boot Camp.

If you're involved with your community's maintenance, whether or not you serve on the board, this is the training for you. One participant from each community will receive a "virtual tool box" that contains resources for leak detection and mapping, easy-to-understand policies, and an operations handbook ideal for storing a contractor's checklist, important phone numbers and the annual maintenance calendar. You'll also learn how to create a good scope of work!

So if you're feeling challenged by your community's maintenance plan, ROC-NH's Operations Boot Camp is the place you need to be.

Keep checking The Cooperator for updates as we get further into summer. And while you are out there spreading the mulch around, be sure to spread the word of this boot camp. We hope to see you there.

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