Kelli Cicirelli

ROC Dashboard is a valuable tool for co-op boards

By Kelli Cicirelli

The question is the same whether you're beind the wheel or on the board of a resident-owned community: How can you drive without a dashboard?



I drove an old clunker station wagon for almost a decade. Despite the oil it burned, the poor gas mileage, and the rusting undercarriage, I loved that car. The final straw came when wires rotted and my dashboard went dark. It was time for another car. How can you drive without a dashboard?

For the past year or so, ROC-NH has been asking the same question to communities. Has your board of directors completed a ROC Dashboard?

Board members at Crossings at Sleepy Hollow

Crossings at Sleepy Hollow board of directors. From left: Jan Galloway, secretary; Gregg Plumer, operations; Denise Taro, treasurer; Colin White, president. Missing when photo was taken: Stephen Padarano, vice president.

The ROC Dashboard is a powerful self-assessment co-op boards are using to focus their work with ROC-NH on strengthening their communities.   It consists of questions about governance and management, including Financial Health, Reporting and Compliance, Governance, Long-Term Stability, and Committee Health.

The Dashboard is not a test, and there are no wrong answers. Each answer is categorized as red, yellow or green. Once completed, the Dashboard is lit with color, showing the community’s strengths in green, and areas (in yellow and red) where additional support might be needed.

Once completed, the Dashboard can identify areas of opportunity for skill development, training, and knowledge-boosting for the co-op’s board and members alike. If your board wishes to work on these with your ROC-NH technical assistance providers, we’ll schedule time.

Last month, the board at Crossings at Sleepy Hollow completed its ROC Dashboard. After working together for about a year, they were curious about how they were doing, and what areas could benefit from their focus in the coming months. Overall, they were proud of the self-assessment. 

Curious about how your board is doing? Want to learn where to focus in the coming year? Contact your ROC-NH representative to learn more about completing a ROC Dashboard.

Kelli Cicirelli is a ROC-NH Senior Organizational Trainer.

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