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Every ROC contains resources galore -- and more

By ROC-NH staff

When you ask the right questions, you’ll always discover into a wealth of talent, interests and skill.

Every resident-owned community contains a wealth of talent, skill and knowledge that can be tapped to make it a better place to live.

ROC-NH’s Community Leadership training on Asset-Based Community Development is always a fun day because it explores the depth of “people power” in the room. In my years as a trainer I’ve found that when you ask the right questions, you’ll always discover into a wealth of talent, interests and skill.

This particular Community Leadership session always gets me thinking about the people resources that go untapped in ROCs, and what could happen if these resources were mobilized and shared within their communities—and maybe even with other ROCs.

Think about the possibilities. Maybe your community center or clubhouse could be a meeting space for other ROCs in the region. Maybe you could host a regional training. Maybe your community’s computer person would enjoy helping other ROC members learn how to navigate the world of technoroc_WindyAcres-volunteer.jpglogy. What if peer-to-peer teaching and coaching were happening?

If you have a roc’n Finance Committee, or Rules Enforcement Committee, or Social Team, and another ROC could use some help with any of these, what a great opportunity to share resources and strengthen everyone’s skills and knowledge. Teaching others is a great way to reinforce your own skills.

You may be thinking, “Yeah right, but nobody helps out in our own community, why would they help out another one?” Fair question, but consider this: People once said that resident ownership would never work, that regular people couldn’t own and run manufactured-home communities. This was proven wrong a long time ago. So instead, let’s ask “why not?” and see what possibilities exist.

Sharing your personal talents, interest and skills starts at home, in your neighborhood. So try it!  Ask your board and your neighbors how you can help improve your community, then jump in and help by sharing of yourself. Help organize a party, help with clean-up, or maintenance. Offer to deliver information to members, or start a newsletter. There’s a lot to do in a co-op, so share your talents and interests and help your community be a great place to live!

And boards, when a member asks the question, welcome them, embrace them, be prepared with

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