Samantha Curran

A taste of local, in our parking lot

By Samantha Curran

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund held a local-food tasting in its parking lot, featuring businesses from our Farm Food Initiative.

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund is very concerned about employee wellness and encouraging healthy choices.

Each year we organize wellness activities that include interactions with benefit vendors, on-site flu clinics, group exercise sessions, and, most recently, the opportunity to learn more about and to sample local food products.

Man posed outdoors in front of a portable pizza oven

Gunner Siverly served Rustic Crust pizza from a portable oven.

On a beautiful fall afternoon, members of our staff Wellness Committee and three food producers who are part of our Farm Food Initiative: Abigail's Bakery of Weare, Miles Smith Farm of Loudon and Rustic Crust of Pittsfield held "A Sampling of New Hampshire Fare" in our parking lot.

Employees learned about what local food production entails and got a taste of just how yummy those products can be.

Many of our Farm Food businesses participate in farmers markets and provide community-supported agriculture (CSA) packages to the public. To learn more about that, check out these blogs by John Hamilton and Charlene Andersen. Frequenters of both are commonly known as locavores, or, people who eat locally produced food.

So, what is the benefit of purchasing through CSAs and farmers markets?

CSAs and the local farms that supply them grow, harvest, and deliver their produce directly to the participants and the farmer's markets. They are typically grown without pesticides and have been handled less than supermarket produce.

This means that you are getting the produce or meat sooner and from a closer distance, eliminating the need for processing, such as coating it with anti-spoilage chemicals. In addition, less travel is better for the environment.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and check your loca-scene!

Samantha Curran is Director of Human Resources at the Community Loan Fund.