Kelli Cicirelli

Community Leadership: Skill-building that works

By Kelli Cicirelli

Graduates of ROC-NH's Community Leadership training say they feel more skilled and confident.

At the beginning and end of each Community Leadership training year, the ROC-NH trainers ask participants to do a short self-assessment of their personal leadership skills and tools.

The self-assessment questions get the members of the class thinking about what they do well and what they’d like to improve. Their answers also give the trainers a sense of where the class might need a little extra help and encouragement.

roc_community-leadership-benefits.jpgThe same six questions are asked as part of a deeper self-assessment again at the end of the training series, and the results are gratifying for the graduates and the trainers alike.

This year’s graduates (see chart) felt they took huge leaps in their planning, communication and community-building skills, and in their understanding of legal and regulatory compliance issues .

That’s fantastic. We work with co-op leaders every day. Managing a co-op is a big job, and we know how challenging it is for volunteers. So it’s really great to see Community Leadership grads return to their co-ops, apply their newfound skills, and blossom into the best community leaders they can be.

If you’ve never attended ROC-NH’s Community Leadership training, why not apply for one of the 25 spots this year? Classes are held one Saturday a month from October to April. We’ll feed you and reimburse you for mileage. You can get more information and apply for the 2016-17 training on our Web site, or by calling Trina at (603) 224-6669, ext. 727.

Kelli Cicirelli is an Organizational Development Specialist for ROC-NH™.

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