Elaine Mondor

When people need help, I answer the call

By Elaine Mondor

The first voice you hear when calling the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund is that of a person eager to connect you with the help you're seeking.

I connect people who need help with the people who supply it.

Woman holding sheet of paper that says, As the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund's receptionist, I'm usually the first contact a caller will have with our organization. I try to gather as much information I can as to what they are looking for assistance with, and I connect them to the program I feel would best match their needs.

A lot of callers don't really know whether we can help them. They may have been introduced to us by word of mouth, by a social agency, or by searching the web.

Some want to save for education and/or first-time homeownership, and this is where the Individual Development Account (IDA) program might be of assistance. An IDA is a matched savings account. Every dollar saved, up to $500, is matched at an 8:1 ratio. This is not a loan. It does not need to be repaid. This is just one of the great ways we can help people achieve their life goals.

The other program that receives a lot of calls is Welcome Home Loans. Many callers come to us in the hope of purchasing a home of their own. They are often surprised that they qualify for a manufactured-home loan.

I especially love the calls we get from people who just want to say how thankful they are for the Community Loan Fund and the Welcome Home Loan team for their dedication and compassion in helping them get into something they can actually call "home." The name "Welcome Home" Loans is so appropriate for this program, and it warms my heart knowing that I had a small part in connecting that person to someone who helped them achieve a goal they never thought they would reach.

Elaine Mondor is the receptionist for the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund.