John Hamilton

Good idea: Healthy local food in corner markets

By John Hamilton

Helping corner-store owners find profitable ways  to sell healthy, locally sourced food would be a good idea.

I'm impressed with the ideas that were generated during the brainstorm at NH Food Strategy and Network's recent regional listening session in Littleton, N.H.

One that caught on in our table was helping corner-store owners find profitable ways to introduce healthy, locally sourced food.

It's a great idea because convenience store offerings account for a lot of the nutritional choices for many people, in both urban and rural settings. The key to creating this shift is making it profitable for the business owner. That may involve, among other ideas, facade improvements and additional refrigeration and marketing. Maybe even cooking classes.

If successful, this could result in a healthier bottom line for the business and a healthier diet for neighborhood residents.

Do you know of a convenience store owner who already does this well, or one who is open to changing their business model to offer healthy local food? If so, please comment!

John Hamilton is the Community Loan Fund's Vice President of Economic Opportunity and Vested for Growth's Managing Director.