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Steve Varnum

Top 10 reasons to make a year-end gift to the NH Community Loan Fund

#1: Opportunity. For all. It's what we believe in. It's what we do.

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Our top five blogs of 2016

Our top five blog posts of 2016 illustrate the need for the work we do.

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In 30 states, child care costs more than college

In 30 states, child care costs more than tuition and fees at their four-year state colleges.

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A great mind and a great heart

 Pros like Ed Tomey don't come around every day, not to volunteer board positions on hard-to-define nonprofits in little New Hampshire.

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What community development can learn from baseball

In the context of evaluating community development, the poverty rate is an inadequate measurement.

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Opening the jar(gon): What's an asset, anyway?

Industry jargon generally flies over the head of most readers and listeners.

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"Seek first to understand": Stephen Covey left us a gift

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was filled with down-to-earth, provocative, gentle and brilliant advice.

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Poverty is no game, but it could be

What if all you can afford is one drink or one roll of toilet paper? What if you buy detergent packets at the laundromat? The answer: You pay top dollar.

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Hope is a powerful poverty fighter

Small, incremental steps out of poverty require a measure of hope.

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Transforming lives, transforming communities

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