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Ron Thompson

What is a manufactured home, anyway?

Manufactured homes aren't modular, aren't mobile, and are definitely nothing like your grandparents' trailer.

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Surviving your home renovation

Some tips on how to survive your home renovation.

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How volunteering sustains communities

Joining a focused volunteer project can enrich your life and your community.

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Hints for first-time homebuyers, Part 2

Welcome Home Loan originator Ron Thompson continues his hints for first-time homebuyers.

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Hints for first-time homebuyers, Part 1

The first of two blog posts containing hints for first-time homeowners.

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There are alternatives to home foreclosure

Homeowners need to know that there are alternatives to foreclosure.

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Lack of credit history didn't prevent abuse survivor from buying a home

Welcome Home Loan helped survivor of domestic abuse buy a home, despite lack of credit.

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Give yourself some credit

Borrowers who have had credit issues and worked with a debt counseling service are more attractive to lenders than those who haven't.


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Five tips for creating and maintaining a good credit score

Taking seriously your need to maintain good credit can be an important step toward achieving your financial and life goals.

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Term limits: They're important for loans too

Choosing a long-term home loan still gives you the option of paying off the loan early.

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Transforming lives, transforming communities

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