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ROC-NH staff

Small homes, big differences

Park-model manufactured homes and "tiny houses" both exemplify living simply in small spaces, but they're not the same.

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Infrastructure is the backbone of every ROC

More than any other asset of a resident-owned community, its infrastructure must be monitored and maintained.

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To flush, or not to flush?

A workshop about management of wastewater systems stressed the importance of keeping non-dispersible items out of the toilet.

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Boot camp tackled toughest operations issues

A behind-the-scenes look at preparation for ROC-NH's first Operations Boot Camp.

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Guest blog: "There is a great sense of community"

Guest blogger Dawn Willett puts into words the pride so many in resident-owned communities feel about their neighbors and their co-op communities.

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Co-op operations managers: Help is on the way

If you're feeling challenged by your resident-owned community's maintenance plan, ROC-NH's Operations Boot Camp is the place to be.

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Transforming lives, transforming communities

Success stories