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Mathew Solso

Like a pebble tossed, donations create far-reaching ripples

Donations to the NH Community Loan Fund create ripples that will change people's lives.

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#GivingTuesday donations: Efficient and effective

Efficiency is one of the things I like best about the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund.

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Security: No small gift in an uncertain world

The education, training, and technical assistance we provide sets our borrowers up to make better financial decisions for the rest of their lives.

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Loving #GivingTuesday

After the Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday steals, #GivingTuesday is about giving back to our communities and raising awareness about causes that embody your passions.

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Bring the heat! Get a warm feeling by donating to help others

Did you know that the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund helped provide drinking water for a community that didn’t have it before?

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Transforming lives, transforming communities

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