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Kelli Cicirelli

Finding a 'truth nugget' can defuse arguments

Fogging is a technique that helps deflect verbal attacks that can otherwise railroad a conversation or meeting.

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Cooperatives in NH and across the world--unite!

Cooperatives for a Better World exists to unite the many cooperative businesses around the world to strengthen our positive impact.

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Co-ops are thriving in New Hampshire

Like our country, the bedrock of the thriving co-op democracies we call resident-owned communities is that they are of the people, by the people, and for the people.  

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Want to build a great board? Share!

Sharing your knowledge, tools and skills with a new board member is a key part of creating—or maintaining—a great team.

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ROC Dashboard is a valuable tool for co-op boards

The question is the same whether you're beind the wheel or on the board of a resident-owned community: How can you drive without a dashboard?

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Community Leadership: Skill-building that works

Graduates of ROC-NH's Community Leadership training say they feel more skilled and confident.

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What to do with those old business files

File, discard or shred? A guide to what co-ops should do with their business files.

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Feeling chilly? Let chili warm you

Three-bean chili is a comforting dinner on wintery nights.

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When outsiders look at ROCs, what do they see?

Newcomers to resident-owned communities are impressed by their "can-do" attitude and accomplishments.

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Better than phone tree at LRMHV

Lakes Region Mobile Home Village needed a better way to reach its 100 households with urgent messages.

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Transforming lives, transforming communities

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