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Kathi Paradis

So you’re buying your first manufactured home

Buying your first manufactured home is exciting, and can be stressful. Knowing what needs to happen at each stage can smooth out the process.

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Keep heat in your house and dollars in your wallet

Even owners of older manufactured homes can take steps to keep more heating dollars in their wallets.

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Nine tips to avoid the holiday purchase hangover

A few simple tricks can make your holidays easier and less financially challenging.

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Protect yourself against payday lender scams

Payday lenders use a variety of schemes to get into your bank account, including cash-grab scams, phantom debts and scare tactics.

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To reach your financial goals, cut them down to size

Keep your life goals in mind as you make other money-related decisions.

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Floods are doubly devastating when homeowners lack insurance

When a home is flooded, the losses can be devastating. Homeowners in hazard areas should know the limits of their insurance and federal disaster assistance.


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