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Julie McConnell

Quality early childhood education offers economic benefit for NH

A new report analyzes the economic cost and benefits of funding evidence-based early-childhood programs in N.H.

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Affordable, quality child care needed to support working moms

A recent report gave N.H. a D+ grade for work and family policies that support working women.

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The business, and heart, of child care

The Business of Child Care Initiative is helping Coos County child care providers sharpen their business skills.

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Early child development a key piece of the poverty puzzle

For New Hampshire to prosper, it needs to meet the complex challenges of childhood poverty with solutions that focus on healthy child development.

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Real returns: the case for universal preschool

 Another economist adds his voice to the call for universal early childhood education.

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Child-poverty rate spikes in New Hampshire

Children are bearing the brunt of the economic recession in New Hampshire.


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Keeping Noah's Ark afloat wasn't easy

The best community development work, like saving one of the largest early education centers in the state's largest city, creates ripples that benefit a community for many years to come.

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A presidential gift: State of the Union call for investment in early childhood education

Many N.H. families would benefit if state and federal governments partnered to provide access to and adequately fund to early childhood services and programs.


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Want your children to be good learners? Read to them

Studies show a strong correlation between children being read to during their early years and their academic success.

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Early education should be a shared responsibility

Investment in early educations needs to be a responsibility shared by local communities and sttes.

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