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Julie Eades

Co-ops using funds to strengthen each other

Some of New Hampshire's food cooperatives are using their endowments to help create cooperatively owned manufactured-home communities.

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Cooperative spirit still going strong in New Hampshire

New Hampshire's food cooperatives invest some of their savings in ways that promote affordable housing cooperatives, like resident-owned communities (ROCs).

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Education or permanent lending? Which would you choose?

Donors here can choose whether to direct their gifts to borrower education and training, or to our permanent fund.

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The numbers behind 2016's success stories

NH Community Loan Fund President Juliana Eades looks back on a year filled with highlights.

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Impact investing, with a focus on marginalized communities

The upcoming Invest in New Hampshire forums will focus on some excellent opportunities and options to invest locally.

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Resident ownership is delivering results

Early data show the "excellent financial discipline" of ROCs.

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Glad to have a home: A haiku

Amid our complaints about the snow and cold, we're thankful to have homes.


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We've lost a true champion of affordable housing

Curt Hiebert grew affordable housing in Keene, balancing federal requirements with dignified services.

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Honoring all the people

Andrea Johnstone's advice helped make us more observant, more kind, and more gracious in the ways we interact with borrowers.

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The 'Common Law' approach to economic development

Former board member Chuck Leahy understood that trying new things is an essential part of building effective practices, and helped us balance structure, flexibility and immediacy.

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Transforming lives, transforming communities

Success stories