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John Hamilton

Mission investing: Unleashing foundations' full potential

The University of New Hampshire is using some of its endowment to serve the state's people by investing in opportunity statewide.

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Five ways to align your impact with your business investment

The key to impact investing in businesses is to align the impact you desire with the company’s goals and strategies.

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The power of good referrals

When you're turned down for business financing, a good referral can put you on the path to "yes."

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Grow your business by growing your people

Those leaders who get their people on the same page, maximizing their strengths and working toward a common goal, outperform those who don't.

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Thinking about investing in a local business?

Thinking of investing in a local business? Ask tough questions and enlist partners .

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Good idea: Healthy local food in corner markets

Helping corner-store owners find profitable ways  to sell healthy, locally sourced food would be a good idea.

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Food sustainability requires change on the farm, and on the table

e're fortunate here in New Hampshire that farm-to-table strategies are already focused on building infrastructure and on expanding consumers' palates.

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Take your business to the next level: Create an advisory board

 A trusted advisory board can provide the expertise to help business owners make tough decisions.

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Capital Compass: Your GPS for business financing

The Community Loan Fund has created Capital Compass©, a GPS for business financing

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Cash crop: The right financing can fertilize food systems

If a farmer needs financing to add value, or to make it possible to go to scale based on a well-thought-out strategy, he or she shouldn't be dissuaded by fear of debt.

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