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Jennifer Hopkins

One step toward improved manufactured-home appraisals

A study recommends setting a manufactured home's value based on its characteristics and condition, rather than just its age.

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We're putting out a welcome mat for more manufactured homes

Our new Welcome Home Loans are real mortgage loans for manufactured homes located in N.H. on the homeowner's land or in resident-owned communities.


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A story of transformation, a surprise gift

 A radio story leads to an unexpected gift. "No one should ever feel like a second-class citizen in this country."

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24 ways to expand opportunity

Even during tough fiscal times, policymakers can choose to help households that are on the edge of financial security. 

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Hard times shouldn't mean a hard line from lenders

He had made every payment on time. In fact, he had made double payments for many years. But now his income was about a third of what it had been.



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Which mortgage form is more user-friendly?

The federal government has asked consumers to weigh in on simplifying what are now complicated mortgage forms.

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Transforming lives, transforming communities

Success stories