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Jennifer Hopkins

A house isn't a car, so why depreciate it like one?

Finance guru Dave Ramsey is wrong about the value of modern manufactured homes.

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Manufactured homes could ease the affordable housing crisis. So why aren’t they?

Systemic barriers are blocking the growth of manufactured homes as an affordable housing solution.

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Your Turn topples the down payment barrier

New loan program for low-income homebuyers aims to remove their biggest barrier to home ownership.

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Manufactured-home buyers find few financing options

Cathy Bailey financed her "perfect home" with credit cards before she discovered Welcome Home Loans, refinanced, and saved $287 a month.

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Home loan borrower #1,000 feels "true sense of freedom"

Waitress traded stress and an expensive apartment for an affordable home and a sense of community.

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Manufactured home is everything they wanted

A new manufactured (mobile) home was the affordable housing choice for Diana and John Freniere.

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Lack of financing is major hurdle for manufactured-home buyers

Imagine buying a home with cash, or financing it with short-term personal loans or credit cards. That's what many buyers of manufactured homes are up against.

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Manufactured housing: Naturally affordable

In honoring our Welcome Home Loans, the NCRC honored our borrowers, most of whom would not have access to real mortgages for their manufactured homes.

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Manufactured homes are affordable homes

The price of manufactured homes is a great fit for first-time homebuyers, retirement downsizers, and people rebounding from the reality check of the recession.

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First-time homebuyers reconnecting with dream of homeownership

People dream about the pride of owning a home and the respect of friends and family, and work hard to achieve that goal.

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