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Charlene Andersen

12 reasons to Eat Local

Why Eat Local? Here are 12 good reasons.

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Web site connecting farmers and consumers

Finding locally grown food has gotten a little easier because of an online marketplace that allows food buyers to search for local farms and markets, and even have products delivered.

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Guest blog: How beekeeping helped me become a better leader

Leadership coach Renee Charney shares lessons she learned from beekeepers.

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"Renting" a CFO? Three tips for making the right choice

Business owners considering a interim CFO should think about culture, characteristics and collaboration.

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Good food for hospitals, good business for farmers

Farmers and food producers wanting to sell to local institutions can start by building relationships with those institutions' food buyers and chefs.

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Cooperative fishery succeeds on NH Seacoast

A fisherman's cooperative and a community-supported fishery are delivering fresh fish to residents along New Hampshire's seacoast.

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NH's farmers connecting with consumers in innovative ways

Collaborative efforts to strengthen local food consumption and systems have been building in New Hampshire for years.

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Transforming lives, transforming communities

Success stories