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Angela Romeo

ROCs are learning to love technology

Embracing video conferencing has enabled the ROC-NH team to give its resident-owned communities more-effective and more-timely assistance.

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Ten steps to a 'project-ready' ROC

Proper planning can ease the stress of resident-owned community infrastructure projects.

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Coming soon to a screen near you ...

Video conferencing is an efficient way to get the technical assistance co-ops need.

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A co-op volunteer bids a fond farewell


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Building community? Spread kindness

Co-op members respond to "culture of kindness" with positive engagement.

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Co-op residents, namaste

Resident-ownership of manufactured-home communities provides consistency for homeowners and their families.

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Sharing the spotlight, all shine brighter

One Night Band is an amazing exercise in creativity and teamwork, much like the best resident-owned communities.

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Manufactured or mobile?

I choose to use the term "manufactured home" because I feel "trailer" and "mobile home" carry negative connotations.

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Transforming lives, transforming communities

Success stories