Ken Kunhardt

Neighbors helping neighbors--what a great feeling!

By Ken Kunhardt

A pair of chance encounters illustrates how powerful the idea of neighbors helping neighbors can be. more
Mathew Solso

Like a pebble tossed, donations create far-reaching ripples

By Mathew Solso

Donations to the NH Community Loan Fund create ripples that will change people's lives. more
Jennifer Hopkins

Manufactured homes could ease the affordable housing crisis. So why aren’t they?

By Jennifer Hopkins

Systemic barriers are blocking the growth of manufactured homes as an affordable housing solution. more
Ron Thompson

What is a manufactured home, anyway?

By Ron Thompson

Manufactured homes aren't modular, aren't mobile, and are definitely nothing like your grandparents' trailer. more
ROC-NH staff

Small homes, big differences

By ROC-NH staff

Park-model manufactured homes and "tiny houses" both exemplify living simply in small spaces, but they're not the same. more