Mathew Solso

Security: No small gift in an uncertain world

By Mathew Solso

The education, training, and technical assistance we provide sets our borrowers up to make better financial decisions for the rest of their. more
Steve Varnum

Top 10 reasons to make a year-end gift to the NH Community Loan Fund

By Steve Varnum

#1: Opportunity. For all. It's what we believe in. It's what we do. more
Julie Eades

Education or permanent lending? Which would you choose?

By Julie Eades

Donors here can choose whether to direct their gifts to borrower education and training, or to our permanent fund. more
Julie Eades

The numbers behind 2016's success stories

By Julie Eades

NH Community Loan Fund President Juliana Eades looks back on a year filled with highlights. more
Kelli Cicirelli

ROC Dashboard is a valuable tool for co-op boards

By Kelli Cicirelli

The question is the same whether you're beind the wheel or on the board of a resident-owned community: How can you drive without a. more