ROC-NH staff

Boot camp tackled toughest operations issues

By ROC-NH staff

A behind-the-scenes look at preparation for ROC-NH's first Operations Boot Camp. more
ROC-NH staff

Need a pick-me-up? Volunteer!

By ROC-NH staff

Do a Google search for the words “volunteering health benefits” and see what you find. There is a ton of information that shows how helping others will make you a healthier and stronger person.

Tara Reardon

Good technical assistance goes far beyond meetings

By Tara Reardon

When it comes to technical assistance, being available can be more helpful than being in attendance. more

New home rewards a mother's determination

By Archive

Maria and her family sacrificed comfort—spending chilly nights in an unheated pop-up camper—to save the last few dollars to buy a home. more