Gary Faucher

Five numbers every co-op board member should know

By Gary Faucher

Every board member of a resident-owned community should know these five numbers from the co-op's financial statements. more
Ron Thompson

Surviving your home renovation

By Ron Thompson

Some tips on how to survive your home renovation. more
ROC-NH staff

Guest blog: "There is a great sense of community"

By ROC-NH staff

Guest blogger Dawn Willett puts into words the pride so many in resident-owned communities feel about their neighbors and their co-op. more
Tara Reardon

Park residents walk a well-worn path from skepticism to security

By Tara Reardon

The path to resident ownership is familiar: listening, trusting, learning, researching, and finally, security. more
ROC-NH staff

Parliamentary procedure: A freedom fundamental

By ROC-NH staff

Parliamentary procedure makes it easier for a cooperative's  board and members to work together effectively and accomplish their goals. more
ROC-NH staff

Guest blog: CLI trip was about learning and sharing ideas

By ROC-NH staff

A guest blog post by Brenda Norton of Fisherville Cooperative 107 in Concord, N.H. about her trip to the Community Leadership Institute. more