ROC-NH staff

Co-op operations managers: Help is on the way

By ROC-NH staff

If you're feeling challenged by your resident-owned community's maintenance plan, ROC-NH's Operations Boot Camp is the place to be. more
Kelli Cicirelli

Before our eyes, ROC residents transform into leaders

By Kelli Cicirelli

ROC-NH's Community Leadership training transforms motivated members of resident-owned manufactured-home communities into leaders. more
ROC-NH staff

For a harmonious community, obey and enforce the rules

By ROC-NH staff

In a harmonious housing community, residents obey the rules and the board enforces them. more

Economist cites NH Community Loan Fund among top grassroots investing tools

By News

Economist and author Michael H. Shuman cited the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund among his 10 Top Tools for Grassroots Investors in an article posted to the Social Capital Markets site on June 15. more

Affordable, quality child care needed to support working moms

By Archive

A recent report gave N.H. a D+ grade for work and family policies that support working women. more