Samantha Curran

A taste of local, in our parking lot

By Samantha Curran

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund held a local-food tasting in its parking lot, featuring businesses from our Farm Food Initiative. more
John Hamilton

Good idea: Healthy local food in corner markets

By John Hamilton

Helping corner-store owners find profitable ways  to sell healthy, locally sourced food would be a good idea. more
Jennifer Hopkins

Lack of financing is major hurdle for manufactured-home buyers

By Jennifer Hopkins

Imagine buying a home with cash, or financing it with short-term personal loans or credit cards. That's what many buyers of manufactured homes are up against. more
Julie Eades

Honoring all the people

By Julie Eades

Andrea Johnstone's advice helped make us more observant, more kind, and more gracious in the ways we interact with borrowers. more
Julie Eades

The 'Common Law' approach to economic development

By Julie Eades

Former board member Chuck Leahy understood that trying new things is an essential part of building effective practices, and helped us balance structure, flexibility and immediacy. more