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Developing soft skills will serve you well

Leadership is hard. Getting help is easy.

Create routines to help you bust stress

A house isn't a car, so why depreciate it like one?

Podcast offers tips for great one-on-one meetings

Don't get stressed by tax preparation, get help

Six tips for planning to buy a new home

It's not all about you: How to prepare for a job interview

Six tips for saving for a new home

Cable competition can raise revenue for ROCs

Stigma, zoning are barriers to affordable homes

Finding a 'truth nugget' can defuse arguments

Mission investing: Unleashing foundations' full potential

When you're neighbors, "because" is all you need

April showers bring ... stormwater runoff

Cooperatives in NH and across the world--unite!

Another N.H. first: Low-interest-rate loans for manufactured homes

Neighbors helping neighbors--what a great feeling!

Like a pebble tossed, donations create far-reaching ripples

Manufactured homes could ease the affordable housing crisis. So why aren’t they?

What is a manufactured home, anyway?

Small homes, big differences

A healthier lifestyle is a matter of balance

Where we get our money

Data safety starts with good passwords

Are you prepared for winter’s weather?

#GivingTuesday donations: Efficient and effective

Co-ops are thriving in New Hampshire

Co-ops using funds to strengthen each other

ROCs are learning to love technology

Five ways to align your impact with your business investment

The power of good referrals

So you’re buying your first manufactured home

Want to build a great board? Share!

12 reasons to Eat Local

Your Turn topples the down payment barrier

Ten steps to a 'project-ready' ROC

Quality early childhood education offers economic benefit for NH

Thinking about your spring cleaning projects?

Infrastructure is the backbone of every ROC

Cooperative spirit still going strong in New Hampshire

Security: No small gift in an uncertain world

Top 10 reasons to make a year-end gift to the NH Community Loan Fund

Our top five blogs of 2016

Education or permanent lending? Which would you choose?

The numbers behind 2016's success stories

ROC Dashboard is a valuable tool for co-op boards

Loving #GivingTuesday

Web site connecting farmers and consumers

Life is a journey, and an adventure

Community Leadership: Skill-building that works

Every ROC contains resources galore -- and more

Bootcamp is for EVERYONE

Plan before you plant that community garden

Manufactured-home buyers find few financing options

Help is on the way for ROCs with vacant home sites

To flush, or not to flush?

Community Leadership graduating class is largest yet

Secure, stable, affordable and great places to live

CDFIs are attracting impact investors

One year, eight new co-ops, 474 secure and affordable homes

Home loan borrower #1,000 feels "true sense of freedom"

"A tale of two parks" shows financial benefit of resident ownership

Impact investing, with a focus on marginalized communities

Resident ownership is delivering results

How to prevent and remove ice dams

Co-ops improving communities statewide

What to do with those old business files

Boot camp tackled toughest operations issues

Coming soon to a screen near you ...

Feeling chilly? Let chili warm you

Need a pick-me-up? Volunteer!

Good technical assistance goes far beyond meetings

New home rewards a mother's determination

Five numbers every co-op board member should know

Surviving your home renovation

Guest blog: "There is a great sense of community"

Park residents walk a well-worn path from skepticism to security

Parliamentary procedure: A freedom fundamental

Guest blog: CLI trip was about learning and sharing ideas

When outsiders look at ROCs, what do they see?

A stable board is one sign of a strong community

Tighten your belly, and keep heat indoors

This year's Community Leadership class is largest ever

Guest blog: How beekeeping helped me become a better leader

Where are the ROC members?

George 'Mac' McCarthy speaks at the Lincoln Institute

Better than phone tree at LRMHV

"Renting" a CFO? Three tips for making the right choice

NH co-ops show visiting students what community is all about

Grow your business by growing your people

10 secrets of well-loved leaders

Co-op operations managers: Help is on the way

Before our eyes, ROC residents transform into leaders

For a harmonious community, obey and enforce the rules

Affordable, quality child care needed to support working moms

How volunteering sustains communities

Manufactured home is everything they wanted

Glad to have a home: A haiku

We've lost a true champion of affordable housing

Bring the heat! Get a warm feeling by donating to help others

Thinking about investing in a local business?

In 30 states, child care costs more than college

To chase away the winter doldrums, socialize!

Good food for hospitals, good business for farmers

Keep heat in your house and dollars in your wallet

Nine tips to avoid the holiday purchase hangover

When people need help, I answer the call

Protect yourself against payday lender scams

Hints for first-time homebuyers, Part 2

A taste of local, in our parking lot

Good idea: Healthy local food in corner markets

Lack of financing is major hurdle for manufactured-home buyers

Honoring all the people

The 'Common Law' approach to economic development

Cooperative fishery succeeds on NH Seacoast

How to make the most of board transitions

Hints for first-time homebuyers, Part 1

Food sustainability requires change on the farm, and on the table

NH's farmers connecting with consumers in innovative ways

Building community, with a personal touch

A great mind and a great heart

Park owners view resident ownership as a good deal for all

Manufactured housing: Naturally affordable

To reach your financial goals, cut them down to size

Take your business to the next level: Create an advisory board

Manufactured homes are affordable homes

Floods are doubly devastating when homeowners lack insurance

Capital Compass: Your GPS for business financing

There are alternatives to home foreclosure

Early child development a key piece of the poverty puzzle

Don't climb, rappel for a raise

Real returns: the case for universal preschool

Thankful for the opportunity to serve

Theuner's economic justice encompassed faith and finance

Child-poverty rate spikes in New Hampshire

What community development can learn from baseball

Weatherization project left residents warmer and planners wiser

Keeping Noah's Ark afloat wasn't easy

How you ask is an important first step in attracting volunteers

The big squeeze: More renters and fewer affordable apartments

Cash crop: The right financing can fertilize food systems

The other 97 percent

Community-focused investors are discovering CDFIs

Lack of credit history didn't prevent abuse survivor from buying a home

Housing market improving? Depends who needs a home

Opening the jar(gon): What's an asset, anyway?

Co-op president has what it takes to advocate for his community

First-time homebuyers reconnecting with dream of homeownership

National study: Manufactured-home mortgages are excellent loans

Give yourself some credit

How to get more capital to small businesses?

One step toward improved manufactured-home appraisals

FEMA chief fumbles manufactured housing facts

Home Loans Matter

You can lead (just ask Martha!)

We're putting out a welcome mat for more manufactured homes

"Seek first to understand": Stephen Covey left us a gift

A story of transformation, a surprise gift

Senator's story provides a powerful example

What difference could Slow Money make?

Poverty is no game, but it could be

What does Slow Money mean to you?

Hope is a powerful poverty fighter

Don't blame the victims for foreclosure crisis

Five tips for creating and maintaining a good credit score

In cooperatives, "they" are "we"

24 ways to expand opportunity

Want your children to be good learners? Read to them

Community developers can help address income inequality

Hard times shouldn't mean a hard line from lenders

A co-op volunteer bids a fond farewell

We couldn't have said it better

Building community? Spread kindness

"I love my little house"

Anyone -- yes, even you -- can develop leadership skills

Affordable housing advocacy isn't for sissies

Are we asking too much of bankers?

At the movies: Untangling the financial meltdown

Which mortgage form is more user-friendly?

Term limits: They're important for loans too

Co-op residents, namaste

A toast to New Hampshire's small-business owners

Monitor editorial should be required reading for legislature

Earmark would help small businesses save and create jobs

Do something important -- and don't lose the Sisters' money!

Now THAT'S a loan modification!

The poor are clever with money -- to a point

Sharing the spotlight, all shine brighter

Balancing the bottom line and the public good

Manufactured or mobile?

Manufacturers take a stand to deliver on lead times

Opportunity: Why I love my job

Borrowers bring investments full circle

Five reasons why adding royalty financing helps angels be angels

Yunus and us

Royalty financing: Not your father's equity

Ways to increase staff productivity without a new hire

Find a banker you can bank on

The tax man cometh ... with a gift for your employees!

Warts and all: Why sharing bad news is a good idea

Poor families dig deeper for child care

Transforming lives, transforming communities

Success stories